SMTF Member: Wiveliscombe Area Partnership

Representatives for SMTF: John Harris (Chair of WAP), Pauline Homeshaw, Peter Berman

Town website: http://www.wiveliscombe.com/

Download 'Our Place Our Future - Wiveliscombe Area MTi Plan' - click here

A traveller stopping off in the centre of the town gets no idea that this is the hub of a thriving business community. A survey in 1997 revealed that there were at least 300 businesses within a 5 mile radius of the town; 14 of these were trading internationally and a further 20 nationally. It has the headquarters of a firm building motorway service stations and factories in the U.K. and Europe. A band saw manufacturer, a manufacturer of kitchens, a pig processing factory, builders and specialist I.T. companies, etc. Wiveliscombe is also the brewing centre of Somerset with two breweries.

There is a good variety of shops, a post office ,one bank, two estate agents, solicitors, accountants, hairdressers, garages, Inns and restaurants. There is also a doctors' surgery, a dentist and veterinary practice.

Wiveliscombe is an active town, set amidst beautiful countryside with easy access to Exmoor, the Quantocks and the north and south coast resorts. It is a good place to live in and an excellent place to visit in order to explore the West Country.

The Wiveliscombe Area Partnership is a not for profit company represnetd by members of the Wiveliscombe Parish Council, WI, and Civic Society and by District Councillors and other co-opted members. Its aim is to work on regeneration projects like sheltered and affordable housing and from its base in the Wivey Community Office it also runsd the highly successful community tramsport scheme, the Wivey Link.

Current Projects

For more information on all projects, contact the Chair in the first instance use the Contact Us box below on this page.

1. Community Radio - 10Radio, the Ten Parishes own community radio station, that was launched in 2005 has been a huge success, and has been granted a 5 year Licence by Ofcom. It is run completely by local volunteers, and will be on the air again in January. Kingsmead School has been involved right from the start, with many new skills being learnt by their pupils and by the wider community. It has effectively brought together a varied cross-section of people in the Ten Parishes area who were unlikely to meet otherwise, and has spawned other projects, including a Youth Forum. To find out more about 10Radio, visit their website and listen to sample programmes at www.10radio.org

2. Affordable Housing - a new development of 20 dwellings, ranging from flats to 2 and 3 bedrooms houses, is virtually complete at Allensdale Close in Wiveliscombe. Their tenures are a mix of shared equity and Housing Association Rented. The homes were massively over-subscribed, and the applicants had to have a local connection, either through family or work. All are now allocated. The Community Council for Somerset's Rural Housing Enablers helped develop these houses, starting with a Housing Needs Survey and then ongoing liaison. Two local activists, Mary Whitmarsh and Brian Collingridge, put in a huge amount of work to make this project happen. It comes on the back of a sheltered housing scheme that opened in late 2006.

3. Business Park. WAP has had a significant part in helping to bring forward this much needed development to keep local businesses in the area. WAP has shown
evidence of need, dating back to the Community Plan, that supported the development of a commercial facility incorporating both small units for small businesses and larger units for local firms needing more space to grow. Site access problems have been resolved and the units should be ready later this year.

These are just some of the projects currently underway.


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